The benefits that pet owner’s liability insurance brings:


  • Coverage of bodily injury, property damage and financial loss – at home or abroad
  • Individual tariffs tailored to every life situation
  • Defence against spurious claims on your behalf
  • Option to cancel on any date – regardless of the policy duration
  • Easy online policy management – no documents in the post
Pet Owner's Liability Insurance

Why do I need dog owner’s liability insurance or horse owner’s liability insurance?

Pet owner’s liability insurance protects you from the financial consequences of damage/loss caused by your dog or horse. You are liable for this damage/loss as the owner, with the entirety of your assets and on a life-long basis in case of doubt. It does not take long to rack up a substantial claim amount if your pet causes bodily injury. That is why you should always consider whether it would make sense to take out pet owner’s liability insurance for your dog or horse.

Our dog owner’s liability insurance includes coverage of the following events:


  • Damage caused by tenant to rooms within buildings
  • Coverage for keeper
  • Running free, unleashed

Our horse owner’s liability insurance includes coverage of the following events:


  • Coverage for keeper and other riders
  • Stud losses
  • Coverage of foals up to an age of 6 months, at least

Optimum coverage with individual selections

  • Choose the tariff that best suits your personal requirements: NEO S, NEO M and NEO L
  • In the dog owner’s liability insurance we also offer NEO L Spezial and NEO XL Spezial

Transparent, everywhere and any time

  • In myNeo, you can find all the information and documents pertaining to your policy. You can also make policy adjustments and submit a claim.

We take the irritation out of insurance

  • You can cancel your pet owner’s liability insurance on any date
  • Great services for a fair price
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