The benefits that mobile phone insurance provides


  • Protection in case of breakage or screen damage, or damage caused by moisture or liquid
  • Optional theft protection
  • Optional policy excess
  • Choice between 1-year or 2-year policy duration
  • Complete digital management – no documents in the post
Mobile Phone Insurance

Just what is covered by mobile phone insurance?

Our mobile phone insurance covers you in the following situations:

  • Breakage, screen damage, damage caused by dropping
  • Damage caused by moisture or liquid
  • Operating errors
  • Fire and lightning damage
  • Unlawful damage caused by third parties and vandalism
  • Short-circuit and excess voltage
  • Explosion and implosion
  • Theft coverage can also be included

This provides all-round protection for your constant companion, ensuring that you do not have to cover high costs when you make a claim. At-fault breakage and screen damage are frequent occurrences that are not normally covered by other insurance policies. Our mobile phone insurance means that you are in safe hands.

Optimum coverage with individual selections

  • Choose the tariff that best suits your personal requirements: e.g. with or without theft protection

Transparent, everywhere and any time

  • In myNeo, you can find all the information and documents pertaining to your policy. You can also make policy adjustments and submit a claim.

We take the irritation out of insurance

  • Fixed contract terms of 1 or 2 years
  • Great services for a fair price
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